Researched and compiled exclusively for
by Gary D. Rhodes and Bill Kaffenberger based on the best available primary resources.


Researched and Compiled by Gary D. Rhodes

The following filmography is the most complete and accurate catalog of Lugosi’s feature film, serial, and fictional and other short subject appearances ever compiled. They are listed in chronological order and divided into three categories that denote their country of origin and time frames:  Hungary and Germany (1917-1922) and the United States and England (1923-1930, 1931-1939, and 1940-1959).

Four “new” Lugosi films appear in this filmography, one being the Hungarian silent comedy short A régiséggyujto (1918); three different articles in Hungarian trade publications confirm Lugosi’s appearance in it.

The other three are all German silent features, including Der Sklavenhalter von Kansas-City (1920) and Ihre Hoheit die Tänzerin (1922). German censorship records for Der Sklavenhalter and Ihre Hoheit make clear that Lugosi definitely did appear in them. And then there is Das ganze Sein ist flammend Leid (1920), a four-act feature based upon a novel by Gustav (The Golem) Meyrink, for which a 1920 critical review mentioning Lugosi exists.

At the same time, other alleged Lugosi films do not appear in this filmography. For example, ads in Hungarian trade publications announced Lugosi would star in the title role of Star Film’s Casanova (1917). But in the released film, Alfréd Deésy played Casanova; Lugosi wasn’t listed in the cast. It now seems clear that he did not appear in the finished film.

Then there is a bevy of questionable German silent films. For example, Lugosi was announced as an actor in three films for Eichberg’s 1919-1920 season:  Jettatore, Sünden der Eltern, and Nonne und Tänzerin. And the film trade Lichtbild-Bühne claimed he would appear in Ustad’s Auf den Trümmern des Paradieses (1920). Shortly thereafter, they also said he would appear with Herta Hedin and Eduard Eysenek in Luna Film’s Die Silbermine (1920). But a careful examination of period cast listings and censorship records for these films suggests that his appearance in any of them is highly doubtful. In fact, it doesn’t seem that Die Silbermine was even produced.

The United States film He Who Gets Slapped (MGM, 1924) is another questionable Lugosi film. In Lugosi’s own scrapbook, Richard Sheffield saw a photograph from that movie showing Lugosi as a clown alongside star Lon Chaney Sr. He also saw a second photograph of a large group of clowns, one of which looked like Lugosi. But Lugosi’s name does not appear in any materials from 1924. And of course Lugosi appearing in a publicity photo with Chaney does not necessarily mean he appeared in the running time of the released film.

And finally, the British film Lock Up Your Daughters (New Realm, 1959) presents another mystery. A British trade publication review claimed Lugosi hosted this collection of clips from his earlier films, a point also made separately by a viewer of the film in the early 1960s. Earlier attempts to confirm this failed. However, newly discovered information regarding this is provided in the film’s entry below.

The films that are listed below have been checked and double-checked for accuracy against existing copyright records, censorship records, and available film trade publications. The Hungarian and German entries are listed by their release dates; any variances from previous filmographies are intentional and should be seen as corrections. The United States entries have been ordered according to the dates on which the films were copyrighted.

  1. Hungary and Germany (1917-1922)

    Leoni leo (Leoni Leo)
    Star, 1917
    Lugosi played Leoni Leo.
    NOTE: Lugosi was billed under the
    pseudonym Arisztid Olt. Exact release date unknown.

    A régiséggyujto (The Antiquarian)
    Star, 1917
    Lugosi’s role is unknown.
    NOTE: Fictional short subject (640
    meters). Lugosi was billed under the pseudonym Arisztid Olt. Exact release date unknown.

    Lili (Lili)
    Star, 1917
    Lugosi played Plinchard and Tábornok.
    NOTE: Lugosi was billed under the
    pseudonym Arisztid Olt. First screening occurred at the Urania in Budapest sometime during the week of  October 21-28, 1917.

    Álarcosbál (The Masked Ball)
    Star Film, 1917
    Lugosi played René.
    NOTE: Lugosi was billed under the
    pseudonym Arisztid Olt. As with Lili, the first screening Álarcosbál occurred at the Uraniá in Budapest sometime during the week of October 21-28, 1917.

    Az élet királya (The King of Life)
    Star, 1917
    Lugosi played Lord Harry Watton.
    NOTE: Lugosi was billed under the
    pseudonym Arisztid Olt. The Hungarian film trade publications also referred to this movie as Dorian Gray and Dorian Gray Arcképe. First screening occurred at the Uránia in Budapest on October 23, 1917.

    Nászdal (The Wedding Song)
    Star, 1918
    Lugosi played Paul Bertram.
    NOTE: Lugosi was billed under the
    pseudonym Arisztid Olt. First
    screening on February 27, 1918 at
    the Corso in Budapest.

    Tavaszi vihar (Spring Tempest)
    Star, 1918
    Lugosi played Renner.
    NOTE: Lugosi was billed under the
    pseudonym Arisztid Olt. First
    screening on February 28, 1918 at the Corso in Budapest. 

    99 (99) 
    Phönix, 1918 
    Lugosi’s role is unknown.
    NOTE: First screening on September 12, 1918 at the Royal-Apolló in Budapest.

    Küzdelem a létért (The Struggle for Life) 
    Star, 1918 
    Lugosi played Pál Orlay.
    NOTE: Lugosi was billed under the
    pseudonym Arisztid Olt. First screening on  July 16, 1918 at the Mozgókép-Otthon in Budapest. The film was also advertised and discussed in Hungarian trade publications as A Leopard (The Leopard).

    Az ezredes (The Colonel)
    Phönix, 1918
    Lugosi played the Colonel.
    NOTE: First screening occurred on
    December 30, 1918 at the Omnia in Budapest.


    Hypnose (Hypnosis)
    Eichberg Film, 1919
    Lugosi played Professor Mors.
    NOTE: Filmographies generally list
    this film Sklaven fremden Willens (or a mis-spelling thereof), which was another of its titles. However, in the German trade publications the most commonly used title was Hypnose.

    Der Tanz auf dem Vulkan (The Dance on the Volcano)
    Eichberg, 1920
    Lugosi played Andre Fleurot.
    NOTE: Released in two parts, Sybil
    Joung (Sybil Young) and Der Tod des Großfürsten (Death of the Grand Duke). In the United States, the film was retitled Daughter of the Night.

    Die Frau im Delphin (The Woman in the Dolphin)
    Gaci Film, 1920
    Lugosi played Tom Bill.

    Schrecken (The Terror)
    Lipow, 1920
    Lugosi played a butler.
    NOTE: Film historians generally list this movie as Der Januskopf (The Head of Janus). But German trade publications in 1920 more commonly used the title Schrecken.

    Johann Hopkins III (John Hopkins the Third)
    Dua, 1920
    Lugosi played a cowboy.

    Der Sklavenhalter von Kansas-City (The Slaveholder of Kansas City)
    Dua, 1920
    Lugosi played George Corvin.


    Nat Pinkerton Im Kampf (Nat Pinkerton in Combat)
    Dua, 1920
    Lugosi played a gang leader.

    Das ganze Sein ist flammend Leid (The Whole of Being is a Flaming Misery)
    Münchener Lichtspielkunst AG, 1920
    Lugosi’s role is unknown.

    Die Teufelsanbeter (The Devil Worshippers)
    Ustad, 1920
    Lugosi’s role is unknown.

    Der Fluch der Menschheit (The Curse of Man)
    Eichberg, 1920
    Lugosi played Mälzer.
    NOTE: Released in two parts, Die Tochter der Arbeit (The Daughter of Labor) and Im Rausche der Milliarden (Intoxicated by

    Lederstrumpf (Leatherstocking)
    Luna Film, 1920
    Lugosi played Chingachgook.
    NOTE: Lederstrumpf appeared in two parts, Der Letzte Mohikaner (Last of the Mohicans) and Wildtöter und Chingachgook (The Deerslayer and Chingachgook).

    Die Todeskarawane (The Caravan of Death)
    Ustad Film, 1920
    Lugosi played a sheik.

    Ihre Hoheit die Tänzerin (Her Highness, the Dancer)
    Eichberg, 1922
    Lugosi’s role is unknown.
    NOTE: Due to censorship problems, this film was not released.

  2. 1923 – 1930

    The Silent Command
    Fox, 1923
    Lugosi played Benedict Hisston.

    The Rejected Woman
    Distinctive Pictures, 1924
    Lugosi played Jean Gagnon.

    Daughters Who Pay
    Banner Productions, 1925
    Lugosi played Serge Oumanski.

    The Midnight Girl
    Chadwick Pictures, 1925
    Lugosi played Nicholas Harmon.

    Famous Lovers, 1926
    Lugosi played Pierrot.
    NOTE: Fictional short subject. Reissued as The Mask.

    How to Handle Women
    Universal Studios, 1928
    Lugosi played a bodyguard.

    The Last Performance
    Universal, 1928
    Lugosi did not appear on-camera in this film; he dubbed
    actor Conrad Veidt’s lines into Hungarian for Hungarian

    The Veiled Woman
    Fox, 1928
    Lugosi played a suitor to Nanon.

    First National, 1929
    Lugosi played Brottos.
    NOTE: Prisoners was simultaneously Lugosi’s last
    silent film and first talkie. A hybrid production, ten
    percent of Prisoners featured recorded dialogue,
    whereas the bulk of the film used intertitles.

    The Thirteenth Chair
    MGM, 1929
    Lugosi played Inspector Delzante.

    Such Men Are Dangerous
    Fox, 1930
    Lugosi played Dr. Goodman.

    The King of Jazz
    Universal, 1930
    Lugosi appeared as a kind of Hungarian- 
    language host in a version prepared for
    distribution in Hungary.

    Wild Company
    Fox, 1930
    Lugosi played Felix Brown.

    Fox, 1930
    Lugosi played the Marabout.

    Viennese Nights
    Warner Brothers, 1930
    Lugosi played an ambassador.

    Oh, for a Man
    Fox, 1930
    Lugosi played Frescatti.

  3. 1931 – 1939

    Universal, 1931
    Lugosi played Count Dracula.

    Fifty Million Frenchmen
    Warner Brothers, 1931
    Lugosi played a magician.

    Women of All Nations
    Fox, 1931
    Lugosi played Prince Hassan.

    The Black Camel
    Fox, 1931
    Lugosi played Tarneverro.

    First National, 1931
    Lugosi played Pancho.

    The Voice of Hollywood
    Series 2, Number 3

    Tiffany Productions, 1931
    Lugosi is interviewed by Tom Terriss.
    NOTE: Nonfiction Short Subject.

    Murders in the Rue Morgue
    Universal, 1932
    Lugosi played Dr. Mirakle.

    White Zombie
    Amusement Securities Corporation, 1932
    Lugosi played Murder Legendre.
    NOTE: Released by United Artists.

    Chandu the Magician
    Fox, 1932
    Lugosi played Roxor.

    Intimate Interviews
    Talking Picture Epics, Inc., 1932
    Lugosi is interviewed by Dorothy West.
    NOTE: Nonfiction Short Subject.

    Island of Lost Souls
    Paramount, 1933
    Lugosi played the Sayer of the Law.

    The Death Kiss
    World Wide Pictures, 1933
    Lugosi played Joseph Steiner.

    Hollywood on Parade, No. A8
    Paramount Publix Corp, 1933
    Lugosi played a wax figure of
    “Bela Lugosi as Dracula.”
    NOTE: Fictional short subject.

    Night of Terror
    Columbia Pictures, 1933
    Lugosi played Degar.

    International House
    Paramount, 1933
    Lugosi played General Petronovich.

    The Devil’s in Love
    Fox, 1933
    Lugosi played a military prosecutor.

    The Whispering Shadow
    Mascot, 1933
    Lugosi played Professor Adam Strang.
    NOTE: This was a 12-chapter serial.

    The Black Cat
    Universal, 1934
    Lugosi played Dr. Vitus Werdegast.

    Screen Snapshots # 11 
    Columbia Pictures Newsreel, 1934
    Lugosi and Boris Karloff play a game of chess in a scene resembling their match in Universal’s The Black Cat.
    NOTE: Nonfiction Short Subject.

    Gift of Gab
    Universal, 1934
    Lugosi played an Apache.

    The Hollywood Movie Parade
    Educational Films Corp of America, 1934
    Lugosi’s role is unknown.
    NOTE: Fictional short subject.

    Black Cat Parade
    Universal Newsreel, 1934
    Lugosi and Boris Karloff judge a contest involving a parade of pet black cats as a tie-in to the recently released feature The Black Cat. NOTE: Nonfiction Short Subject.

    Return of Chandu
    Principal, 1934
    Lugosi played Chandu.
    NOTE: This was a 12-chapter serial, which was also released as two different feature films, Return of Chandu (1934) and Chandu on the Magic Island (1935).

    Best Man Wins
    Columbia, 1935
    Lugosi played Dr. Boehm.

    The Mysterious Mr. Wong
    Monogram, 1935
    Lugosi played Mr. Wong.

    Mark of the Vampire
    MGM, 1935
    Lugosi played Count Mora.

    The Raven
    Universal, 1935
    Lugosi played Dr. Richard Vollin.

    San Diego Exposition Is Opened
    Universal Newsreel, 1935
    Lugosi, along with several other actors, is featured enacting a scene on a soundstage at the Hollywood Pavilion exhibit during the Exposition.NOTE: Nonfiction Short Subject.

    Murder by Television
    Imperial-Cameo, 1935
    Lugosi played Arthur Perry and
    Professor Houghland’s Assistant.

    The Mystery of the Mary Celeste
    Hammer, 1935
    Lugosi played Anton Lorenzen.
    NOTE: Filmed in England. Released in the United States as Phantom Ship.

    The Invisible Ray
    Universal, 1936
    Lugosi played Dr. Felix Benet.

    Postal Inspector
    Universal, 1936
    Lugosi played Benez.

    Shadow of Chinatown
    Victory, 1936
    Lugosi played Victor Poten.
    NOTE: This was a 15-chapter serial, which was also cut into a feature circa 1936.

    SOS Coast Guard
    Republic Pictures, 1937
    Lugosi played Boroff.
    NOTE: This was a 12-chapter serial, which was also cut into a feature-length release in 1942.

    Son of Frankenstein
    Universal, 1939
    Lugosi played Ygor.

    The Gorilla
    Twentieth Century-Fox, 1939
    Lugosi played Peters.

    The Phantom Creeps
    Universal, 1939
    Lugosi played Dr. Alex Zorka.
    NOTE: This was a 12-chapter serial, which was also cut into a feature-length release some years later, likely for early television.

    MGM, 1939
    Lugosi played Commissar Razinin.

    The Dark Eyes of London
    An Argyle British Production, 1939
    Lugosi played Dr. Orloff (who
    masquerades as John Dearborn).
    NOTE: Filmed in England.
    Released in the United States as The Human Monster.


  4. 1940 – 1959

    The Saint’s Double Trouble
    RKO Radio Pictures, 1940
    Lugosi played Partner.

    Black Friday
    Universal, 1940
    Lugosi played Eric Marnay.

    Bela Lugosi Hypnotized
    Universal Newsreel, 1940
    This newsreel, now considered lost, is described by the Library of Congress as showing the complete footage of Lugosi being “hypnotized” for a scene in the recently filmed Black Friday.
    NOTE: Nonfiction Short Subject.

    You’ll Find Out
    RKO, 1940
    Lugosi played Prince Saliano.

    The Devil Bat
    Producers Releasing Corporation (PRC), 1941
    Lugosi played Dr. Paul Carruthers.

    Invisible Ghost
    Monogram, 1941
    Lugosi played Dr. Charles Kessler.

    The Black Cat
    Universal, 1941
    Lugosi played Eduardo.

    Spooks Run Wild
    Monogram, 1941
    Lugosi played Nardo.

    The Wolf Man
    Universal, 1941
    Lugosi played Bela.

    Black Dragons
    Monogram, 1942
    Lugosi played Dr. Melcher and Colomb.

    The Ghost of Frankenstein
    Universal, 1942
    Lugosi played Ygor.

    The Corpse Vanishes
    Monogram, 1942
    Lugosi played Dr. Lorenz.

    Night Monster
    Universal, 1942
    Lugosi played Rolf.

    Bowery at Midnight
    Monogram, 1942
    Lugosi played Professor Brenner
    (whose alias is Karl Wagner).

    Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man
    Universal, 1943
    Lugosi played the Frankenstein monster.

    The Ape Man
    Monogram, 1943
    Lugosi played Dr. James Brewster.

    Ghosts on the Loose
    Monogram, 1943
    Lugosi played Emil.

    The Return of the Vampire
    Columbia, 1943
    Lugosi played Armand Tesla.

    Voodoo Man
    Monogram, 1944
    Lugosi played Dr. Richard Marlowe.

    Return of the Ape Man
    Monogram, 1944
    Lugosi played Professor Dexter.

    One Body Too Many
    Paramount, 1944
    Lugosi played Merkel.

    Screen Snapshots Series 24, # 4
    Columbia Pictures Newsreel, 1944
    Lugosi is seen donating blood for the war effort.
    NOTE: Nonfiction Short Subject.

    The Body Snatcher
    RKO, 1945
    Lugosi played Joseph.

    Zombies on Broadway
    RKO, 1945
    Lugosi played Professor Richard

    Genius at Work
    RKO, 1946
    Lugosi played Stone.

    Scared to Death
    Screen Guild Productions, 1947
    Lugosi played Leonide.

    Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
    Universal, 1948
    Lugosi played Count Dracula.

    Seeing Stars
    Pathe Newsreel, 1951 (England)
    Made in England during Lugosi’s stage tour of the Dracula play, he is seen at a garden party where various stars signed autographs for fans.
    NOTE: Nonfiction Short Subject.

    Mother Riley Meets the Vampire
    Renown Pictures, 1952
    Lugosi played Von Housen.
    NOTE: Filmed in England. Released in the United States as Vampire Over London and My Son, the Vampire.

    Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla
    Realart Pictures, 1952
    Lugosi played Dr. Zabor.

    Glen or Glenda
    Screen Classics Release, 1953
    Lugosi played a Spirit.

    Round-the-Clock Premiere: Coast Hails “House of Wax”
    Warner Pathe Newsreel, 1953
    Lugosi is seen arriving at the House of Wax (1953) film premiere leading a “gorilla” on a chain.
    NOTE: Nonfiction Short Subject.

    Bride of the Monster
    Banner Productions Release, 1955
    Lugosi played Dr. Eric Vornoff.

    The Black Sleep
    United Artists, 1956
    Lugosi played Casimir.

    Plan 9 from Outer Space
    DCA, 1959
    Lugosi played the Ghoul Man.

    Lock Up Your Daughters
    New Realm Pictures, 1959 (England)
    A British release, this film tied together various clips from Lugosi films made for Monogram by Sam Katzman during the early 1940s. A review in the Kinematograph Weekly on March 26, 1959 claimed Lugosi “compered” (meaning “hosted”) the old movie footage.
    NOTE: For many years, the certainty of this “hosting” could not be verified. However, recent research has uncovered a television show, Murder and Bela Lugosi, that aired on WPIX-TV in New York City on September 18, 1950. Lugosi provided “live” commentary between clips of some of his old films during this one-hour presentation. It seems quite possible that this narration may be the source of the “new Lugosi footage.”